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The transmitter is equipped with an ergonomic shape for easy grip. 
At the top there are 2 red LED high brightness to indicate the battery level, the error code anomalies, and 2 orange LED to indicate the insertion of auxiliary functions such as selecting single and double hoist and 1 green status LED remote control active.

Technical Features

Push-buttons Configuration 1 START push-button
1 STOP push-button
4 push-buttons DOUBLE STEP
Frequency 433.0525 > 433.7775 MHz
Modulation type 4GFSK
Maximum operating distance 100 meters
Control system frequency PLL
Antenna impedance 50 ohm
Typical response time command 50 > 100 mS
Power supply 2 alkaline battery (AA)
Antenna Internal
Average consumption 16mA a 3Vcc
Transmission power < 10 dBm
Operating temperature -20° C > +80°C +-10%
Degree protection IP65
Overall size and weight H193 x L57 x P51 mm - 290 gr.
Case material Nylon and fiber glass






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Contact us

+39 0322 93574


Via Don Signini, 43
28010 Briga Novarese NO


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