Juuko - Special Function

Each radio controlled equipment can be programmed to work with special functions integrated through software. This opportunity provides a much wider product adaptability to the most varied industrial applications, allowing brilliant solutions of operation and control of the machine, no additional parts "hardware" needed.

multi control system


Multi - Control Option

Ability to work in combination with dual transmitter or receiver in dual mode:

  • Master & Slave
  • Take & Release
  • Tandem


Range limited




Start area range limit

This function allows you to safely limiting the Start to a restricted area close to the radio receiver.


TX bidirezionale




Bi-directional radio transmission

Through the return singal from the receiver it is possible to activate the LEDs positioned on the transmitter. This function allows you to visually verify the inclusion of the case priority funcionts defined by the installer.



jk 8 vert riflesso




Remote pairing Transmitter and Receiver

The copy of a transmitter respect to a receiver or to another transmitter, can be performed with a simple procedure of button press.

jk808 3 lati copia



jk8 12 banner



H orizz inclinato




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