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The receiver, available in three sizes and 4 different model for the output features, is equipped with terminal screws for an easy connection to any system. The installation can be done by 4 corner brackets, or through fastening to the center nut.
A green and red LED warns the state receiving transmission between transmitter and receiver unit by signaling via pulse code.





Receiver Fixing

The enclosures receiver series HV have not only 4 lugs for mounting bolts, a practical central threaded insert for quick installation. Each casing is also equipped with vacuum valve to avoid the formation of internal condensation.

Antenna Receiver 

The receiver antenna can be easily screwed on connector type SMA.

This particular helps to get it to a different location.

Through an optional antenna cable, so it is possible to remote the antenna to a better reception, allowing the installation of the receiver even in cabinets or steel structures.

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 receiver Receiver status LED



Technical Features


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Compact size for simple machines.

The receiver unit HV-JUUKO series, has been designed to minimize the aestethic impact on the installation on the machine.
Its small size and ergonomy make it an ideal device as the best interface element remote control adaptable to any type of machinery.

The HV version is available with 8,12,16 outputs MOSFET 7,5 Amps which can be combined with any pushbuttons.

Frequency 433.0525 > 433.7775 MHz
Modulation Type 4GFSK
Sensibility -112 dBm a 1,2 Kbps
Control system frequency PLL
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Typical response time command 50 > 100 mS
Supply from 12 to 24 Vac
Antenna External
Consumption in stand-by 16 mA to 220 Vac
Power transmission data feedback + 10 dBm
Operating temperature - 10°C > + 75°C
Relays 8/12/16 outputs Mosfet 7,5 Amps
Dimensions and weight H142 x L141,2 x P58,8 mm - peso 800 gr.
Case material Nylon and glass fiber IP65






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