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JUUKOIndustrial remote control


A new era of Radio Remote Control for the Industry application, working in Multi-frequency with bi-directional data transmission.
JUUKO JK is the first remote control for industrial equipment that combiens quality, reliability, safety and economy in a single product.

Never been so accessible.

JK Series is designed to simplify the work life those who use it. Through the use of high technology, JUUKO has significantly reduced batteries consumption, it works with simple alkaline batteries.

Safety at the highest level

The transmission technology bi-directional radio allows a continuous exchange of data between transmitter and receiver, allowing an optimal condition of free working frequency and high degree of safety.

Start with an electronic key.

To ensure access for use by authorized personnel only without removable keys, the start operation is under electronic key control which is protected by password.

Wide range of receivers.

The receivers are divided into three different size: H/HV - HS - HM. Which can be matched to any model of transmitter unit JK series. This allows to take full advantage of the high amount of available relay outputs.

Special function

The flexibility of JUUKO radio controls allows you to adapt any remote control to the most varied applications through a versatile and innovative software programming