JK Joystick


The JUUKO joystick radio controls for cranes are multifrequency industrial radio controls with bidirectional transmission. They are of high quality, reliability and safety.
The JM series has been designed to simplify the working life of those who use it. Through the use of advanced technologies, JUUKO Italy has significantly reduced its battery consumption, ensuring prolonged use. The RADIO BI-DIRECTIONAL transmission technology allows for continuous data exchange between transmitter and receiver, allowing for an always optimal condition of free working frequency and a high degree of safety. To ensure that only authorized personnel have access to use without resorting to removable keys, the start-up is protected by an electronic key with access password.
The JM series manipulator radio controls are specifically designed for lifting machinery such as simple tower cranes, advanced tower cranes and bridge cranes. The presence of LEDs allows the user to receive visual feedback on the battery status and relay operation by the receiver in real time.