Joystick Remote control JM200103 BRIDGE CRANE


JM200103 Series remote control for bridge crane, designed with an advanced system that offers an optimized user experience. The presence of LEDs provides immediate visual feedback on the battery status and the activation of the relays by the receiver, allowing the user to monitor the operations of the remote control in real time.

The transmitter is equipped with internal sensors that integrate a unique feature: "tip-over protection". This function automatically detects tip-over situations, such as the user suddenly dropping the remote control. In response to such events, the system immediately inhibits all ongoing maneuvers, reaching an emergency state that shuts down the entire system. This timely reaction eliminates possible accidental inputs, ensuring safe and efficient use of the radio control in all circumstances.

<h4>QI CHARGING</h4>


The main Wireless "QI" charging standard has been adopted by hundreds of leading manufacturers and introduces the convenience of charging your device without using cables but simply by placing it on its Charging Pad.

<H4>Biaxial joysticks </H4>

Biaxial joysticks

With the use of the biaxial joysticks, the control of maneuvers will always be fluid and accurate, with the chance of adjusting the speeds and, also, to perform precision micro-shifts.