Joystick Remote control JM200103 BRIDGE CRANE


Remote control JM200103 Series for bridge crane. The LEDs presence allows the user to receive visual feedback about the battery status and on the activation of relays by the receiver in real time. Transmitter, thanks to its internal sensors, it's equipped with the special "roll-over protection" function. It understands when the remote control is overturning, for example a sudden fall by the user, and immediately inhibits all maneuvers until reaching the emergency state by switching off the whole system, in this way accidental inputs are removed.

<H4>Biaxial joysticks </H4>

Biaxial joysticks

With the use of the biaxial joysticks, the control of maneuvers will always be fluid and accurate, with the chance of adjusting the speeds and, also, to perform precision micro-shifts.